King Solomon's Lodge No. 14, F.&A.M.
Elkins Rd., Elkins, New Hampshire
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The following 2016 dates are decided upon as stated meetings:
3/16, 4/20, 5/18, 6/15, 7/13, 8/17, 9/14, 10/12, 11/9, 12/7
The following dates are going to be family dinners with no meeting:
3/30, 6/29, 9/28, 12/7
For clarification there will be no food served at stated on months where there will be a family dinner.
Example 3/16 no food, food will be served on 3/30 instead.

April 2016 Trestleboard

Message from the East

Brethren All,

I hope this Trestleboard finds everyone “uniting in the grand design – let us be happy ourselves, and endeavor to promote the happiness of others”.   We meet once again on  4/20/16 at 6:30 for a Pot Luck Dinner, and Meeting at 7:30.  The Meeting will include the EA Degree presentation by your officers and a full EA Opening and Closing.  A full rehearsal is planned for Tuesday 4/19 at 6:00 PM.   All EA’s working on their EA Lesson are encouraged to attend the Stated Communication.  Officer Dress is Formal.  

A couple of nice events occurred since our last Stated Communication.  We had our first Family Dinner Night that was held on 3/30 at the Lodge.  Brethren, there were 40 folks at the dinner which was prepared scrumptiously by our Br. JS Bonenfant, PM,  who happens to be the WM of Union Lodge #79.  Many thanks Bro. Ken for all the effort put forth for your Lodge.  It was very nice to see the faces of the families represented.  It was a light evening for everyone, and your WM presented Trivia Questions to the crowd.  We will do it again on 6/29 at the Elkins Beach where a Cookout is planned.  Let’s make that one a tremendous showing.

The 2nd notable event happened last night at the Lodge.  We had 8 of us at the Masonic Association Meeting last evening.  Without getting “into the weeds” of extreme detail, we have a very generous, verbal proposal made by Bro. Wall, PM  for us to purchase,  at Bro. Wall’s cost, a High Efficiency Gas Burner to replace the existing Oil Furnace & Tank.  He also proposed that he would install it in the Lodge free of charge.  With the agreement of all in attendance, we asked that Bro. Gary put the proposal into writing for a vote of the Masonic Association when it meets once again in June.  We will have a new Board assembled on the Association by that time, and a vote will be taken on this matter. More to follow on that.  

We also discussed the need for a conveyance of one sort or another to assist our elderly brothers up to the Lodge Room.  Bro. Wall advised that KSL had looked into an Elevator about 4 or 5 Years ago, and it was recommended that we contact that firm once again for updated quotations.   Bro. Sec. Dana Ramspott, who could not attend the meeting, offered at the last Stated that he had figures on a Stair Master type conveyance that could be installed on the staircase.  So, after plenty of discussion, it was agreed that I would reach out to the Brethren for opinions as to whether the LODGE should invest in such a mechanism or not.  Of course we want to encourage all of our brethren and guests to come to a Lodge Event or a Semi-Public Event knowing there is assistance up to the 2nd Floor if necessary.   The question is whether it would get enough use to justify the cost of the installation.  I want your opinions on this matter, and please come to Lodge to voice your opinion.  We will get written proposals if the Lodge deems this project to be a necessity.  Please keep in mind that there are other issues the Lodge faces, and one immediate cost is the continuing saga of the Septic Tank location.   A plan was agreed on to call in Stearns Septic and have them located the Septic Tank by the use of a nuclear pill.   Don’t ask me what that is, but it would locate our tank. 

Please mark your calendar to attend the May Stated on 5/18/16.  Bro. SD Cramer advises that there should be 3 EAs ready to give their lessons and progress to the Fellow Craft Degree.  We will have 2 Rehearsals which will be scheduled at the upcoming Stated.

Let us meet on the level of true friendship Brethren on 4/20/16!

Bro. Ben, WM    603-748-0528


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Revised:  4/12/16


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