Message from the East

Brethren All,

I hope this Trestleboard finds all of you enjoying the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday Season. Can you believe thatour Masonic Year of 2015 will be completed in a couple of weeks.

Please come and enjoy our last chance for Brotherhood, Food, and Laughs this year, as we hold our ANNUAL MEETING at the Lodge on 12/16/15. According to sources close to the Thanksgiving Dinner recently held at the Lodge, we have fixings remaining for a Thanksgiving Dinner at 6:30 PM and Annual Meeting at 7:30 PM.

We will have an Investigation Report to be read, and ballot taken for Degrees on a recent Petitioner. Please come and vote your conscience for the good of the Lodge! On another happy note, Mr. Jeremy Kellett, Mr. Robert Connolly, and perhaps our newest petitioner, will be ready to take the EA Degree on January 6th, 2016. I am calling a Special Communication for that evening, with dinner at 6:30 PM and Degree at 7:30 to perform the EA Degree on these gentlemen. Please mark your calendar and attend.

Brethren: Here is the Slate of Officers and Appointed Positions for KSL in 2016. We will have an election and presumably these brothers will be installed accordingly.

WM: Bro. Ben Barton, PM
SW: Bro. Alton Rorick
JW: Bro. Charles Hafner, PM 
Sec: Bro. Dana Ramspot
Treas: Bro. Bill Green
SD: Bro. Michael Cramer
JD: Bro. Dwight Turner
SS: Bro. Gary Wall, PM 
JS: Bro. Ken Bonenfant, PM 
Chaplin: Bro. Howard Hoke
Marshall: Bro. Doug Fraize
Tyler: Bro. George Robertson

Please be sure to review the newly revised Website as we continue to work with Bro. Dwight to provide useful information for everyone and every brother to utilize. Make it your goal to bring a Brother to lodge for this final installment of a Stated Communication. Dress is Formal for all suite members, and a photo will be taken whenever convenient that evening.


Bro. Barton, WM 748-0528