Message from the East

March 2016

Thank you to the Brothers that came out for our 1st Stated Communication of the year.   Let’s hope for speedy recoveries for Bros. Green, Rorick, and the spouse of Bro. Robertson, whose wife Ellen, is recovering after recent Shoulder Surgery.  We also heard that Bro. Partridge’s wife Becky is recovering after Gall Bladder surgery. 
So, the primary reason for this communication is to remind all of you that KSL is having our first Family Dinner event at the Lodge on3/30/16 with dinner being served by Bro. JS & WM Ken Bonnefant (Union Lodge #79).   Brethren, we talk about involving our families in activities and now we are putting those words into action.  I encourage all of you to attend, and we will need a head count for Ken by3/25/16.   I “light” program over dinner will be planned.
Here is a recap of the last night’s take away items:
1)      Fund Raising Ideas were discussed -  A Turkey Raffle and Flags Over Elkins;
2)      Chicken Bar-be-Que is on 7/3/16; 
3)      We had a Ballot on a Candidate to receive Degrees in Masonry – We have an EA Degree and Fellow Craft Degree to be scheduled in April.  More to follow;
4)      A Masonic Association Meeting will be held on 4/6 at 5:30 PM  for the purpose of deciding on 1) Changing the Location of the Oil Tank to a location outside the Lodge; and 2) to hear and decide on moving forward with a “Stair Master” type unit to assist our older members up to the Lodge Room;
5)      A request for funding OPERATION GIRL SCOUT COOKIES was heard.  The coveted GS Cookies can be sent to our Military Personnel with a donation of $48.00.  We did not decide on this request last night.  I suggest that the $48.00 be raised with contributions from the Brethren and not from existing funds.   Is there any interest??  I will contribute $5.00 to the effort.  Are there additional  9 Brothers willing to do the same? 
6)      Bro. SD Cramer sent out an email last evening concerning a Masonic Study Group.   This group will meet at the Lodge this coming Friday, and the 3rd Friday of the Month going forward.  Please see Bro. SD Cramer’s email for exact details;
7)      We agreed last evening to authorize Bro. SS WALL, PM to install lights into the ceiling of the Lodge Room to create the Starry Deck Canopy that we all read about in the Cipher.  This will be, in addition the work that was completed in the Lodge Room while we were in darkness by Bros. Wall & Cramer, worthy of your visit to the Lodge;
8)      A Pancake Breakfast will be held in the Month of April.  Bro. MacMichael will get a committee together, select a Saturday Date that is not full of current activities, and let us know what they need. Stayed Tuned;
9)      Many thanks to Bro. SD Cramer for working with our EAs to further their proficiency in our degrees.   There are 3 active EAs working through the lesson.  We have an Affiliation Petition in que, and an Investigation Committee has been formed to complete that task.  Those brothers that have expressed an interest in being involved in Degree Work, I will reach out to you shortly.  Wednesday evening is the time scheduled for lesson work;
10)   Last but not Least:   An outside and inside cleanup of the LODGE is in critical need.  The Kitchen must be spring cleaned, as it was not done last year.  Bro. Doug has volunteered his truck for the outside cleanup. 
There are good things happening and being planned for KSL this year brethren.  We need you all to make it all come together.   I encourage all of you to take part one way or the other. 

Bro. Ben, WM    603-748-0528